Paying for
laundry is a pain.
Clothespin makes
things easier.

Pay for laundry, check machine availability, know when your laundry is complete, report issues, receive loyalty rewards, and more.


As Lead UX Designer, I was responsible for

Creating wireframes to convey user flows and information architecture.

Conducting quick research and user studies in order to optimize the interface.

Collaborating with a visual designer and developers through production.


Outside of Philadelphia at a trade partner’s warehouse, we began laying the groundwork. On site, we had direct access to employees selling, leasing, and maintaining the machines, as well as nearby laundromats for research.

The video below provides a glimpse of our week.

Version one
wasn't perfect.

After the initial week it was able to complete basic tasks. However, it still had plenty of room for improvement.


When first opening the location page, it required users to push the “+” to begin adding units. Users also typically occupied multiple units at once. Going through this process of selection and payment repeatedly caused the user to go from the app to the appliance multiple times.


The Takeaway:
Increase Efficiency

The visuals below represent the number of interactions a user took to run three separate washers before and after changes.


Complete all
purchases at once.

After optimizating the app, the user was able to complete all of their payments at once, much like a digital shopping cart that most of us are familiar with.


Easily add more or
view current units.

Once a user has made purchases, the checkout button is now a tray that expands to gives access to their current units. It provides the amount of time left, and also the ability to purchase additional time if they have dryer units running.


It takes a team.

While working towards releasing the application, I worked with a graphic designer as well as the development and business teams to get it released.

Various final comps are seen below.
Available on
iTunes and Android