Digits is a single and
multiplayer game of math.

Each level has a similar objective with a unique challenge. You're given a target number, and your goal is to add individual numbers together to meet that target. You do this as many times as possible before the time is up. Each time you reach the target, you move closer to earning coins and completing the level. When all three coins for the level have been acquired, you unlock the next level.

My role involved leading the user experience, visual design, animation, and branding of the mobile game. The work was done in partnership with Numbers & Logic.

Visual Design

The visuals were designed to be sharp, solid, and square. Included in the visuals are various icons, graphics, the logo, and font selection.

Two weights of Futura were used, Bold and Regular, because of their geometry and versatility.


There are a variety of levels, each with a unique challenge. A subtle gradient is used to show progression through the game.

color_gameplay copy 3color_gameplay copy 3

Animation was used as a medium to showcase portions of the game. It was also used as a tool to communicate back to the developer in order to explain expectations for motion that was later created using code.